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Silicon Slopes AI is the voice, hub, and heart of Utah’s AI community. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization empowering Utah’s tech community to learn the principles of AI and Machine Learning and apply it to their business and society.Key goals of Silicon Slopes AI are:

1. Demystify AI and ML from theory to applying it in practice to address real world business and social problems.

2. Empower Utahans to reap the benefits of AI to start new entrepreneurial initiatives.

3. Provide a platform for Utahans to network and collaborate on applying AI to industry.

Silicon Slopes AI believes opportunity to capture the benefits of AI only exists to all if we’re willing to extend it to all. We have a responsibility to ensure that Utahans are able to capture the monumental opportunities that AI offers. Entrepreneurship is often just as much about chances that are given as it is about chances that are taken. Silicon Slopes AI strives to give a chance to anyone with a desire to take and earn it. Once earned, an expectation is set to reach back and give a chance to someone new.

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