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Now recruiting the general audience to come onboard Silicon Slopes newest community chapter, Black Business, UT. We invited not only people of color, minorities, women, or whatever shade tree you rest under to join today to make this chapter the most active inclusive and super fun affinity group along the Silicon Slopes and beyond. Have you felt left out, have you felt you don't fit in at work, at church or among any other groups? Well there's a spot for all misfits, over-sized egos, under-appreciated zealots, over-achiever, weirdo with crazy ideas worth stealing, and any conceived in sin human being along the Wasatch front. Here's a networking groups where you can make amazing contributions. If you have a passion to bridge the conversation to advance the most marginalized segments of our population and to try to encourage more openness to diverse peoples like yourself, please join. Let's add our unique value to Silicon Slopes to make this Black Business community chapter ALL-inclusive! Thank you, you are welcome! Chapter Chair, Charlene

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