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Welcome to Silicon Slopes Digital Media Creators Chapter. This chapter has been formed in order to bring together individuals from all types of digital media, Bloggers, Podcasters, Youtubers, all social media creators alike, along with those from the General Digital Media realm. Our main purpose is to assist each other in growing ALL aspects of content creation businesses. This will be accomplished by strategically improving the following: 1.)Increasing followership, 2.)Followership engagement in our content, 3.)Followership retention, and 4.)Efficient monetization. In order to maintain a mutually helpful environment we encourage all creators to adopt the following mantra: "Seek to act with TRUE Collaboration without the expectation of return."  We believe that when we ACTIVELY seek the success of others, no matter what realm of digital media one may be found, we will have greater, measureable success. It is our hope that through these collaborative efforts, all under this umbrella will be kept highly relevant within the field.  Through collaboration, new technologies and platforms can be implemented within all our content, and through the relevance in the market that we all will gain, a much more efficient monetization structure will emerge through the acquisition of more brands and sponsors.  Through our successes, Silicon Slopes Digital Media Creators Chapter will rise as a beacon to others in the market and our mantra will become the new paradigm that sweeps this nation as well as the world.

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