Adjusting to the New Normal - Work Environments Post Pandemic

Wed, Mar 10, 2021, 12:00 PM (MST)

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With the state of work changing and so much moving to virtual/remote-first work, how are Cache Valley companies adapting? Join our panel of industry professionals to learn how they are adapting, struggling, and in some cases thriving in the new work environment

About this event

Join our panel of industry professionals as they talk about the changing state of work and how they are adapting.

Kristen Makanoa - Product Manager @ PDCflow

Blake Kohler - CEO @ Pulse For Good

Nate Holman - VP of Sales & Marketing @ Juniper Systems

Nate Berry - Senior UX Researcher / Designer @ SILAC Insurance Company

Andrew Hancey - Senior Software Engineer @ TransLoc



  • Blake Kohler

    Blake Kohler

    Pulse For Good

    CEO / Founder

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  • Chase Anderson

    Chase Anderson

    Utah State University

    Program Coordinator

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  • Mel Torrie

    Mel Torrie

    Autonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI)

    Founder / CEO

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  • Nathan Millecam

    Nathan Millecam


    CEO EP Systems

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  • Kristen Makanoa

    Kristen Makanoa


    Product Manager

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  • Glenn Thimmes

    Glenn Thimmes

    SILAC Insurance Company

    Vice President of Development and Delivery

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  • Blake Kohler

    Blake Kohler

    Pulse For Good


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  • Kristy Bloxham

    Kristy Bloxham


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  • Steve Larson

    Steve Larson

    Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University

    Corporate Relations Specialist

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  • Brian Chambers

    Brian Chambers

    Chambers HR Services LLC

    Chapter Chair

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