Dixie Technical College - 610 S Airport Rd. Saint George, 84770 St. George
Fri, Jun 1, 2018, 10:00 AM (MDT)

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Bret Fisher

Presentation: As an official Docker Captain, über-popular author, and advocate for the benefits of containerization, Bret is well-positioned to teach us about the far-reaching effects of Docker, a five-year-old project that has revolutionized how we build, ship, and run software on servers. Following on the heels of his April keynote at MuraCon 2018, Bret will highlight the impact of this pivotal technology and how it is blazing trails for the future of app development and deployment. For those familiar with Docker for development, he'll dive into the details and deci- sions you'll need to make when taking containers into production.

Jeremiah Jones

Presentation: CICD, microservices, containers, and automation are big buzzwords in software and app development. But where do these architectures make sense, and what are the real bene- fits? In his presentation, Jeremiah explores key differences between complicated and complex systems and how they apply to modern software development. Learn how massively scaled soft- ware companies are using processes that mimic natural systems to grow, evolve, and adapt to changing demands. You’ll come away with new perspectives about your own technology systems, and take home a few tools to better design these systems so they scale and adapt.


Friday, Jun 1
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (MDT)


Dixie Technical College
610 S Airport Rd. Saint George84770


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