Make a Stronger Impact in Utah & Beyond: Unleash Your Power as Women to Do Good!

Utah Valley University (Centre Stage, SC) - 800 West University Parkway Orem, 84058 Women in Leadership
Wed, Sep 25, 2019, 6:30 PM (MDT)

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Make a Stronger Impact in Utah & Beyond: Unleash Your Power as Women to Do Good! (see 

Keynote - Carine Clark

This event will begin with a brief plenary session where Carine Clark, four-time president and CEO of high-growth tech companies, will share her insights on how to unleash your power as women to do good. Clark also serves on the executive boards of GOED (Governor's Office of Economic Development) and Silicon Slopes. She has received several recognitions, including EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award in the Utah Region. She has BA and MBA degrees from BYU. After the opening session, attendees will join one of three workshops designed to give you tips on how to make a stronger impact and help others to do the same (see page 2 for details). Women (12 years and older) and those who influence them are invited!

Our evening will conclude with light refreshments as attendees dialogue about what they have learned. The event will live stream, and video recordings of the event will be available at and rebroadcast on UEN-TV channel 9.1.


Leveraging Social Media to Do Good: What, Where, and How

Jessica Gilmore (Associate VP of Community Outreach & Economic Development, UVU) & Niki Swan (Director of Clinical Education, Assistant Professor, Utah Valley University Master of Physician Assistant Studies)

Today, it is more important than ever to help make our communities, state, and world better places. But how can we do this from where we are? Social media is a platform that allows all of us to be heard, motivate others, and get involved. This interactive and engaging workshop is designed for women and influencers of any age (including teens) and will focus on how social media can impact our communities and help to make a difference. Jess and Niki will provide ideas for getting involved, including the what, where, and how. They will share specific examples of how social media can make a strong, positive impact (from Utah and beyond), while also identifying potentially harmful uses of media and instructing attendees on how to avoid such negativity. Finally, they will share tips and some key guidelines on how to maintain and expand a social media presence that reflects your authentic self, while increasing your efforts to positively impact the community.

Community Advocacy Training for Utah Women

Andrea Himoff (Executive Director, Action Utah) & Patti Cook (Advocacy Educator, Action Utah)

Community advocacy can be fun, simple, and meaningful. However, it can also feel overwhelming, confusing or frightening, particularly for women who do not know where to start or what to do. In this workshop, Action Utah will demystify community advocacy and make engagement more accessible. Join Andrea and Patti to learn about why women's engagement matters, what advocacy looks like, and how to find your own best way to impact the issues you care about. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of our political system and how to participate in the legislative session. More importantly, however, attendees will also come away with specific ideas on how to advocate for a cause, equipped with practical tips and tools for successful community action.

Use Your Voice to Do Good: Tips and Opportunities to Write, Speak, and Impact More Powerfully

Liz Adeola (Productor & Host, KUED TV) & Jordan Carroll (Executive Editor, The Daily Herald; Regional Executive Editor, Ogden Newspapers)

Have you ever wanted to speak up, share your ideas, or express an opinion—in different ways—but felt like you did not quite know how? Our communities are stronger when we have a wide range of distinct voices represented, yet women are much less likely to speak out or share their written opinions in public settings. This may be because women do not feel they have enough “expertise” to share their thoughts, or even because they hesitate to add their words to a sea of confused or angry voices. In this session, Liz and Jordan will teach from their own professional experience and backgrounds about how important it is for women to find their voices and use them confidently, respectfully, and with authority. Attendees will first learn about how to identify where their voices are needed (e.g., contributing to opinion pages in media, raising awareness in public meetings, and even sharing ideas in family, neighborhood, or church settings) and then receive expert advice on how to express themselves powerfully in order to expand their influence for good.

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: Premier: L3Harris, Squires and MX; Supporting: Woodbury School of Business and the Utah Education Network. 


Wednesday, Sep 25
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (MDT)


Utah Valley University (Centre Stage, SC)
800 West University Parkway Orem84058


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